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Why should I buy a compatible or remanufactured cartrige vs. an OEM?
You can save up to 80% on the cost of an original (OEM) cartrige.
What is the difference between a compatible and a remanufactured cartridge?
A compatible cartridge is a generic 100% brand new cartridge. A remanufactured cartridge is an original (OEM) cartridge, which have been cleaned, tested, and refilled.
Do you have a compatible cartridge or a remanufactured cartridge for my printer?
Depending on your printer model and brand, you will use either a compatible or remanufactured cartridge.
Will using a compatible or remanufactured cartridge void my printer warranty?
Federal law protects customers from being forced to buy OEM products only. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Commission Improvement Act – subparagraph C, section 101, specifically address this point. Therefore, a manufacturer cannot deny a consumers warranty claim based solely on the fact that the consumer used another company’s cartridge.
Does a compatible cartridge work the same as an OEM?
In general a compatible will work just like an OEM.
When will a compatible not work the same as an OEM?
In some models, because of the chip, the printer might show some “scare tactics” message saying a Non-OEM or counterfeit cartridge is being used. In that case, simply click OK and continue.
Does a remanufactured cartridge work the same as an OEM?
Most printers using a remanufactured cartridge will not be able to read the ink level of a remanufactured cartridge and will say it is a used cartridge. Simply acknowledge the message and click OK or continue.
Why is a remanufactured cartridge not being recognized by my printer?
The number one reason for a remanufactured cartridge to not work is Electronic Failure. OEM companies do this on purpose by using a cheaper electronic so that you cannot use remanufactured cartridges and forces you to buy an OEM cartridge. How do you explain the same model cartridge that refillers used to refill over and over again in the past without any issues can now only be refilled once or twice before the electronic fail!!!
Do you refill cartridges?
Depends on the cartridge model you have!  We refill most print head cartridges in store and all of our already remanufactured cartridges are prepared in a bigger facility with the proper equipments for cleaning, filling and testing.  We also collect your empties for recycling.
Which is better? Inkjet or Laser?
The answer is both and it really depends on your own specific needs. Stop by our store and we will be glad to help you choose which would be better for you.
How come I get less pages than the specified yield of the cartridge?
Industry standard for page yield is 5% coverage. A 5% coverage printout is a printout with only about 4-6 lines!!! Printing pages full with text or printing pictures will decrease your yield considerably.
Will I get the same yield with your compatible or remanufactured cartridges as an OEM?
You will get the same yield or BETTER than an OEM! In some compatible cartridges, the yield can be up to 3 x more than an OEM!!!
Why is my printer asking me to do an update?
This is common in Lexmark, Samsung, Epson and HP printers. Do not do any update for your printer! With the ease of wi-fi and internet, companies do updates on printers to upgrade the firmware so that you cannot use compatible or remanufactured cartridges. Obviously, they want you to spend the big bucks and buy OEM cartridges.
How can I prevent my inkjet cartridges from drying?
If your printer uses printhead cartridges (1 black cartridge & 1 color cartridge), such as HP 60 or Canon 240, print at least once every other week to keep the ink flowing. Print a page which contains black as well as color.

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